A Thomas PicMy client, Anthony Thomas is a real success story. He was referred to me by a prior client of mine who was just hired with Macy’s. Anthony came into the Career Center on a Monday morning feeling down on his luck. He did not have a resume and did not have the necessary requirements to start the intake appointment. During the Orientation I asked him, “What services are you looking to utilize at the Career Center?” He stated, “I want all the services!” I asked him if he was looking for both job search and job placement assistance? He gave me an enthusiastic “yes!” I advised him that we would first have to write a resume and then proceed from there.

Looking at Anthony, I felt he needed time to get some things in order before he was actually ‘’interview ready” since he had been out of the work force for quite a while. I wanted to be sure it would be a smooth transition.

Anthony was consistent in making his appointments on time, and as weeks went by he was more motivated and determined, he even began to be more involved by asking questions on where we were in the process and wanted to know what was next.

Anthony was advised to dress professionally on our next meeting which was on Thursday, March 16th. He stated he didn’t have any interview clothes and he didn’t have money to get a haircut. I offered him a button up shirt from the Success Center’s closet and reminded him that he had come a long way and that appearance is important to make a positive “first impression”. Your appearance can help or hinder you. Dressing for success means a lot and can influence whether the employer hires you. You can have all the requirements needed for the job, but if they ‘’see ‘‘ that you don’t fit the part, you may lose the opportunity. Anthony said he understood.

When he came into our office before his interview Anthony was almost unrecognizable. He looked very professional, his hair was cleanly shaven and he was smiling from ear to ear. I told him he looked very professional and he responded modestly by saying, “Thank you.”

During our pre-interview consultation I prepped him by asking him some of the questions that might be asked during the course of his actual interview. He told me some of the challenges he faces when being interviewed. He gets nervous and oftentimes forgets how to answer the questions. We did a mock interview and I gave him tips on how to overcome the nervousness. He applied to two different jobs that were currently hiring and went on an interview two days later. He was offered the position of Janitor for a small building. When Anthony came into the Career Center to tell me the good news he was smiling brightly and was proud to tell me he got the job!

In closing, Anthony stated that he now has a lot of determination and eventually wants to become a real estate agent. The position he has now is a stepping stone toward his ultimate career goal. I informed him that as long as he was determined and motivated there’s nothing he can’t do. I also reminded him as his Career Advisor I will be here to support him along the way.

by Dominique Stean

Success Center SF Career Advisor