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What a great move!

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EMSA has better classroom and tools now!    

independence 2The Early Morning Studies Academy (EMSA) and Success Center SF are now in a new facility!  The school recently relocated from its Woodside location to room 305 in Independence High School.  (That’s at 1350 7th Avenue in San Francisco.)  EMSA’s GED instructors Louis Grice, Tom Church, and Paul Choppi share this classroom.  (Mr. Choppi, a special education teacher, splits his time between EMSA and Jose Ortega Elementary

This space is a vast improvement from the former Woodside location!  The third-floor classroom has more space, better lighting, reliable central heating, and is in a more structurally sound building (no flooding, partial roof collapses, nor material-safety concerns).  Also, the classroom has six new Apple desktop computers and a new printer!

At this point, a big thank you is in store for Alysse Castro, Director of County, Court and Independent Schools for the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) and for Liz Jackson Simpson, Executive Director for Success Center SF.  Their corroboration and determination made this move possible!

We also greatly appreciate the accommodations that have been provided here at Independence.  Anna Klafter (School Principal), Kelly Kruger (Assistant Principal) and the Independence staff have all been welcoming and accessible.  Additional thanks go to Success Center personnel who helped in the move — no small task! — and to School District Representative Sophia Ornelas who helped to coordinate the move.

Success Center / EMSA Counselor Jermaine King and Tracy Green of Client Services have also transitioned to Independence.  Their office is in room 304 next door to the EMSA classroom.  Most importantly, the move has attracted both continuing EMSA students, as well as new GED students from Independence H.S. who are 17 years old or older.  Currently 13 students are either signed up or are about to be signed up for GED testing!  With the program’s visibility here at Independence, we believe EMSA will increasingly attract students from both Independence and from schools around the city.

Success Center staffers Rey LaChaux (Business Relations Coordinator) and Jonathon Calero Sanchez (Program Assistant) teach this class after lunch each day in room 302 (the third classroom provided at Independence for Success Center).  Both instructors are adept at helping to prepare students for jobs in our 21st-century high-tech economy.

In conclusion, the move from Woodside to Independence offers better learning conditions for EMSA’s students and teachers, as well as increased visibility for Success Center.  In turn, these advantages should result in increased learning and graduation opportunities for more students throughout the community! It’s definitely a ‘win-win’!

By Tom Church, EMSA GED instructor

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