Rosalinda Reyes PictureRosalinda came into the Career Center needing help to move through the CPMC hiring process. When I first met Rosalinda, I noticed that she is a very charismatic, outgoing, and smart individual. We sat down to learn more about the position she recently applied for as a Food Service Aide at CPMC. We practiced interview techniques, and worked on her resume before she interviewed with the CPMC recruiter.

Rosalinda had a successful interview and received an offer from CPMC on March 23rd but she had come a long way before receiving that employment offer. She is the middle child of eight children. Her mother brought her to the U.S. when she was only 5 years old. Rosalinda remembers the hardship she and her family endured in order to get to this great country.
One of her biggest obstacles was not speaking English. It was very hard on her because the kids in school would make fun and bully her. However, that didn’t break her spirit. It made her stronger and provided the motivation needed to continue with what most immigrants call the “American Dream”. She is now trilingual and speaks three languages – Spanish, English, and Farsi.

thumbnail_Rosalinda Reyes Jack in the box uniform phone1Her first employment was a summer job at a taqueria. That job helped Rosalinda obtain money to be able to buy her own things and alleviate some of the burden on her mother. Sometime later in 1999 she was hired at a Jack-in-the-Box fast food restaurant as a cashier and within three months was promoted to a Team Leader position. In 2005, Rosalinda took a small break after the birth of her second child and upon her return to work became a Store Manager until late last year. She is now part of the DREAM Act.

In closing, everyone has their own trials and tribulations to overcome, but in the end it is possible to achieve and conquer your goals and dreams. You just have to believe in yourself and keep on dreaming – just like Rosalinda did!

By Diana Velasquez