Success Center’s Kentara Gaines and Rey LaChaux were recently featured on the Roots of Success website. Roots of Success is a local nonprofit whose mission is “to connect youth and adults from communities with high rates of poverty and unemployment to environmental careers and post-secondary education.

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SCSF's Rey LaChaux and Kentara Gaines

This is where the nonprofit organization Success Center San Francisco plays an important role in the city. Success Center SF’s mission is to empower young adults through education and employment. Formally known as the Youth Guidance Center Improvement Committee, Success Center SF was established in 1983 by San Francisco Superior Court Judges to provide educational and employment opportunities to youth in SF’s juvenile detention. Since then, Success Center SF has expanded to serve any youth engaged in the justice system as well as marginalized youth at high risk for disconnection from society.

Success Center SF offers education and employment services for youth ages 16–24. Their staff teach, guide, counsel, and mentor youth and provide them with GED classes, service learning, job-readiness workshops, life skills and linkages to employment, workforce training and post-secondary education.

Starting April 2017, Success Center SF will add environmental literacy, work readiness, and preparation for over 125 STEM-based jobs to the list of services it provides for youth in their program. To do so, staff members Kentara Gaines, Job Coach/Case Manager and Reymon LaChaux, Business Relations Coordinator, went through a one-day Roots of Success training in February 2017. Kentara and Reymon plan to teach all ten modules of Roots of Success to 15-20 youth in each cohort.