African American female placing boxes on large stack man is holding.As many of you all know, Success Center SF was established over 34 years ago by Superior Court Judges to provide alternative education and employment services to young people engaged in the juvenile justice and foster care systems. In 1983 those services launched in an old school room in the West Cottages on the campus of the Juvenile Courts and Juvenile Probation Department with five staff. The W-Cottages were built in the 40’s to temporarily house neglected and abused kids who needed to be removed from their homes. These cottages were configured in the same manner as the cottage used to temporarily house the delinquent youth. After a few years with a rapid increase of youth coming into the system and the need for alternative to detention services (we largely attribute to the Crack Epidemic), we transformed the large classroom into training facility and turned the residential rooms into offices.

Success Center SF remains nimble and consistently seeks new and innovative strategies to support its constituents. In the mid-90’s we recognized the need to enhance our services with remedial educational services and cottage industry. In 1994, we won a federal grant and other foundation sponsorship to expand our services and built out the basement (a fallout shelter) in the adjacent cottage. Basic Computer Literacy, Service Learning and our school, the Early Morning Study Academy were launched. The Early Morning Study Academy quickly caught the attention many young people and families who never thought high school graduation and college were an option and was adopted by the SF Unified School District and service as its exclusive GED program. SCSF programs and services occupied over 7000 sq. of the W-Cottages.

Other service providers also moved into the W-Cottage to support the demand to the Courts and the Juvenile Probation Department: administrative offices of the SF Unified We've Moved SignSchool District, Health Department and four other CBOs (Y-TEC, SAGE, and Youth Justice Initiative). In 2010, the Juvenile Probation Department was to turn the property back over to the Courts forcing the programs to relocate. The Courts intend to build a Family Court Center however, the recession of that time postponed the demolition and build out of the site. Nonetheless, all the other providers relocated, but we stayed.

The W’s were the perfect location for programs and services. For our continents, it was secure and turf-neutral. The W’s are very accessible by 6 public transit lines, the courts and the department—are the right elements for solid programming and service delivery. The winter rains of 2016 took a toll on the facility along with years of deferred maintenance forcing use to find other facilities to house our programs. In the fall of 2016, our Early Morning Study Academy was relocated to Independence High School located at 1350 7th Avenue. In 2014, Success Center SF was awarded the Western Addition Neighborhood Access Point located at 1449 Webster Street in the Safeway Plaza where we host a number of our youth workforce activities in addition to the school site and in community with a number of our business partners. We continue to work with the Juvenile Program Department to relocate is the Community Service Program.

We look forward to a continued partnership with all of you in our new spaces. School starts August 21, 2017 so don’t hesitate the contact Jermaine and Tracy to get your student enrolled. They can be reached at 415/564-0600. Rey and Kentara place young people in jobs daily so do not hesitate to contact them at 415/549-7000.



After 34 years of residing in the W’s, we have accumulated lots of stuff. We will be hosting a Moving Sale of the coming weeks to get rid of the furnishing, computers and peripherals, office supplies we cannot accommodate in our new spaces. Please see the attached flyer for details.